Advisory Board

Dr. Jeff Leighton PhD , Chairman

Dr. Leighton, based in Boston, has 35 years of experience as a leading scientist and senior executive in pharmaceutical companies of various sizes. Among other positions, Dr. Leighton served as Glaxo’s Group Chairman for Cardio Vascular Disease and Glaxo Inc.’s Vice President of Pharmacology and Group Chairman of Metabolic Diseases. After leaving Glaxo in 1992, Dr. Leighton founded, managed, and directed multiple biotechnology companies including Genesis Pharmaceuticals, ICAgen (Nasdaq: ICGN), AdepoGenix, Inspire Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ISPH) and others.

Prof. Ran Oren MD

Prof. Oren is a renowned specialist in gastroenterology and liver diseases, heading the Institute of Gastroenterology and Liver Diseases at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, Israel. Prof. Oren is the former director of the Division of Internal Medicine at the Tel-Aviv Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prof. Oren has also served as Chair for the Israeli Society for Liver Diseases between 2007-2010.

Prof. Chezy Barenholz PhD

Prof. Barenholz is a renowned specialist in biochemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and cancer, with 46 years of experience in research and development. Prof. Barenholz is the head of the Laboratory of Membrane and Liposome Research at the Department of Biochemistry, the Hebrew University–Hadassah Medical School, Jerusalem, Israel. Prof. Barenholz is the author of over 350 publications and the editor of academic journals and books. He is the co-inventor of over 30 patent families, two of which underlie Doxil® for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer. Doxil® is the first liposomal drug and the first nano-medicine that was approved by the FDA.

Prof. Thomas Borody MD

Prof. Borody is the founder and manager of the Centre for Digestive Diseases in Sydney, Australia. Prof. Borody has vast experience in drug development projects as an inventor and investigator. Prof. Borody is considered to be the first physician to successfully formulate the triple therapy that would later become the gold standard for treating peptic ulcer disease caused by Helicobacter pylori infection. The triple therapy was invented in 1984 together with Dr. Barry Marshal and Dr. Robin Warren (who later received a Nobel prize for their research into Helicobacter pylori). Prof. Borody is the inventor of RedHill’s RHB-104 for the treatment of MAP in Crohn’s.

Prof. Colin Blakemore PhD

Prof. Blakemore is a world renowned scientist from Oxford University, UK. He has authored hundreds of research publications and books. Prof. Blakemore has held several executive positions including head of the British Medical Research Council and president of the Biosciences Federation in the UK. He has received awards from many academic institutions worldwide for his scientific contribution, mainly in the area of neuroscience. In 2004 he won the BioIndustry Association Award for outstanding personal contribution to bioscience.

Dr. Jerry Rosenblatt PhD

Dr. Rosenblatt is a Partner at Foster Rosenblatt, an international market research and advisory firm, exclusively focused on life sciences. Dr. Rosenblatt is a former Professor of Marketing, Associate Dean and Director of the MBA and Executive Development Programs at the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University, Montreal. He is a former Professor of Marketing and graduate of McGill University, one of Canada’s leading academic institutions. Dr. Rosenblatt was the Global Practice Leader, Forecasting and Opportunity Assessment practice for IMS Consulting (a leading healthcare research company), with over 25 years of experience as marketing advisor to pharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Werner Tschollar MD

Dr. Tschollar, based in Switzerland, is a former Senior Vice President, Worldwide R&D at Novartis Consumer Pharmaceuticals. Dr. Tschollar led and held senior executive positions in several biopharmaceutical companies including, among others, Bristol-Myers Squibb/Princeton, Schering-Plough, Xytis, Inc. and Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Dr. Joshua Schein PhD

Dr. Schein, based in New York, has been involved in the founding, financing and managing of pharmaceutical companies since 1991, including Lev Pharmaceuticals which was acquired by ViroPharma (NASDAQ:VPHM) for $443 million. Dr. Schein has held senior executive positions in US companies, serving as CEO of SIGA Technologies (NASDAQ: SIGA) and Lev Pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Abe Schwartz

Mr. Schwartz based in Toronto, is the founder and president of Schwartz Technologies Corporation and acts as an advisor to Covalon Technologies. Mr. Schwartz founded and held executive positions in various companies, including, among others, President and CEO of Cedara Software Corp. Mr. Schwartz has over 35 years of experience in launching products, R&D, international distribution agreements, re-organization in large scale corporations, financing and M&A.

Dr. June S. Almenoff MD, PhD, FACP

Dr. June Almenoff is an accomplished executive with 20+ years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. She served as President and CMO of Furiex Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Actavis plc for ~$1.2B in 2014. Prior to joining Furiex, Dr. Almenoff was at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), where she held various positions of increasing responsibility in the R&D organization. During her 12 years at GSK, she was a Vice President in the Clinical Safety organization, chaired a PhRMA-FDA working group and worked in the area of scientific licensing. Dr. Almenoff also led the development of pioneering systems for minimizing risk in drug development which have been widely adapted by industry and regulators. Dr. Almenoff has also served as CMO and COO of Innovate Biopharmaceuticals.
Dr. Almenoff has served as Executive Chair of RDD Pharma (2015-18) and currently serves as an independent director. She was a Director of Tigenix NV (Nasdaq: TIG) (2016-18), until its acquisition for ~$600M, and also serves on the board of Brainstorm Therapeutics (Nasdaq: BCLI). Dr. Almenoff serves on the investment advisory board of the Harrington Discovery Institute. She is an independent Board Director and drug development consultant and advisor to numerous biopharma companies in the areas of translational medicine, clinical development, and commercial strategy in product development.

M. Scott Harris, MD, MS, FACP, AGAF

Dr. Scott Harris is Principal of Middleburg Consultants, a consulting firm specializing in pharmaceutical development in gastrointestinal diseases. He has led numerous GI studies and programs in the US and rest-of world. Dr. Harris is also Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Lyric Pharmaceuticals and previously served as Chief Medical Officer of Avaxia Biologics, interim Chief Medical Officer of Tranzyme Pharmaceuticals, Chief Medical Officer of Ocera Therapeutics and Chief Medical Officer and Vice President of Clinical Affairs at Napo Pharmaceuticals. He is currently Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University School in Washington, DC. Dr. Harris has been a consultant on third-world drug development for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH and a speaker at national and international forums on gastrointestinal drug development. He is a member of the Executive Board of the Center for Diagnostics and Therapeutics of the American Gastroenterological Association.

David Meidan

Mr. Meidan has extensive experience in facilitating international partnering and financing opportunities for technology enabled and research driven companies. Mr. Meidan specializes in strategic promotion of advanced technologies worldwide and is the co-founder of two technology companies in the artificial intelligence and clean-tech fields. Mr. Meidan served for over 30 years as a senior official in various leadership positions in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, most recently serving as the Head of the International Liaison Division.